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RAD April 2023 Conference Abstracts and Posters

All accepted abstracts have been published in The British Journal of Dermatology, Volume 188, Issue Supplement 3, June 2023. You may access the publication at:

#383 - Integrated safety analysis of abrocitinib in 635 adolescent patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis with over 1000 patient-years of exposure

Amy S. Paller, Lawrence F. Eichenfield, Jonathan I. Silverberg3 Michael J. Cork, Christine Bangert, Alan D. Irvine, Stephan Weidinger, Sebastien Barbarot, Haiyun Fan, Justine Alderfer, Herwig Koppensteiner, Kanti Chittuluru

#384 - Ruxolitinib 1.5% cream efficacy data for moderate-to-severe chronic hand dermatitis: open-label trial 4-weeks interim analysis

Hannah Smith, Alison Moy, Anna De Benedetto

#386 - Complete/near-complete itch response observed in adult and adolescent patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis initiating dupilumab treatment in real-world practice

Neal Bhatia, Charles W. Lynde, Luz Fonacier, Tingting Tian, Kwinten Bosman, Andrew Korotzer

#388 - Efficacy and safety of roflumilast foam 0.3% in patients with seborrheic dermatitis in a phase 3 trial: assessment of pruritus

Andrew Blauvelt, Zoe D. Draelos, Melinda Gooderham, Edward Lain, Angela Y. Moore, Kim A. Papp, Matthew Zirwas, David Krupa, Patrick Burnett, David R. Berk, David H. Chu

#389 - A CME virtual patient simulation activity evaluated the management of adults with atopic dermatitis

Shari J. Dermer, Briana Betz, Elaine Bell, Philippe Guedj, Piyali Chatterjee-Shin

#390 - Efficacy and safety of roflumilast cream 0.15% in adults and children aged ≥6 years with mild to moderate atopic dermatitis in two phase 3 trials (INTEGUMENT-1 and INTEGUMENT-2)

Eric Simpson, Lawrence Eichenfield, Melinda Gooderham, Mercedes E. Gonzalez, Adelaide Hebert, Kim Papp, Vimal Prajapati, David Krupa, Patrick Burnett, David Berk, Robert Higham

#392 - Safety of amlitelimab in a phase 2a clinical trial of patients with moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis

Stephan Weidinger, Michael Cork, Adam Reich, Thomas Bieber, Sally Gilbert, Sonia Quaratino, Rosamund Wilson, Ben Porter-Brown

#393 – Comparative efficacy of targeted systemic therapies for moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis without topical corticosteroids: an updated network meta-analysis

Jonathan I. Silverberg, H. Chih-ho Hong, Jacob P. Thyssen, Brian M. Calimlim, Wan-Ju Lee, Henrique D. Teixeira, Eric B. Collins, Marjorie M. Crowell, Scott J. Johnson, April W. Armstrong

#394 - Gene expression based molecular test proves clinical validity as diagnostic aid for the differential diagnosis of psoriasis and eczema in formalin fixed and paraffin embedded tissue

Felix Fischer, Anais Doll, Deniz Uereyener, Sophie Roenneberg, Christina Hillig, Lucca Weber, Verena Hackert, Peter Seiringer, Jenny Thomas, Philipp Anand, Larissa Graner, Franziska Schlenker, Roland Zengerle, Manja Jargosch, Fabian J. Theis, Carsten B. Schmidt-Weber, Tilo Biedermann, Michael Howell, Kristian Reich, Michael Menden, Natalie Garzorz-Stark, Felix Lauffer, Stefanie Eyerich

#395 - Assessing imputation methods with the lebrikizumab clinical trial program

April W. Armstrong, Jonathan I. Silverberg, Jacob P. Thyssen, Richard B. Warren, Alan D. Irvine, Eric Wolf, Yuxin Ding, Yong Lin, Sarah Reifeis, Mertixell Falques, Eric L. Simpson

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